In order to build pplrep, we used a wide array of web and server technologies. Our tool of choice for building the pplrep application was Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is a full-stack framework that runs on the Ruby programming language. On the front-end side of pplrep, Javascript and jQuery were employed in order to make pplrep more interactive to the user. HTML5 and CSS3 were also used in the development of pplrep’s front-end.

In addition to developing the pplrep web application, we completely designed its interface and visual identity. In order to separate pplrep's visual identity from the pack, blue iris was chosen as pplrep's identifying color. Blue iris is a cross between blue and purple, which gave pplrep's visual identity and interface the security of blue while simultaneously incorporating the mystique of purple.

While pplrep’s interface looks great thanks to the great color scheme, our main objective with the interface was ensuring its ease of use. Users can quickly navigate the site through the icons on the fixed navigation bar. These icons allow the user to quickly identify every page. In addition to its intuitive navigation system, we integrated the Pic Board into the homepage of every profile, allowing users to expand and collapse the Pic Board in order to quickly view more pictures. We put extreme thought and care into pplrep’s user interface in order to make it pixel perfect.

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